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STM Ultra Laptop Backpack

When I go war-riding, I need to be able to carry my laptop securely and safely for a period of time, while riding around, scanning for networks. Since I used to carry my laptop around to work, and I didn’t want one of those shoulder-bags (they just scream out to be stolen because it’s so obvious what’s in them), I already had an STM Ultra Backpack, which is specifically made to be comfortable, secure and safe, while providing enough room to carry all the bits that you need for your laptop.

When riding around, I travel light and just take the laptop itself, in the padded inner-pouch, within the main bag. Luckily for me, the wireless card and the headphones both stick out at the same end, which makes it easy to put them up the same way so that the headphones cord can reach me while riding. I can then strap it all up securely and ride away, with my laptop safe and sound.

I highly reccommend STM bags, they are sturdy, provide a very secure ‘house’ for your laptop, and have plenty of little pockets and spaces to carry all sorts of other things. I easily carry my laptop, power supply, external USB hard drive and cable, mouse and a collection of phone cables and things like that, without a problem. The Ultra is comfortable, sits nicely on your back, and really doesn’t look like a laptop bag at all, it looks more like a stylin’ sports backpack of some sort.

Written by Beau Lebens

October 20th, 2003 at 4:00 pm

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