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Well, appropriately, I’m making this post from my laptop, sitting on my couch (well actually I’m getting my couch tomorrow, but sitting on what currently passes for my couch), wirelessly connected back to my ADSL modem and off to the ‘Net.

I got a comment from John Abbe and when I checked his site I realised that he didn’t know exactly where I was coming from (physically), so I grabbed Indy Junior (yes, I paid for a ‘license’ – you should to – it’s great!), looked up my location on The Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names On Line and put this together, which should show you exactly where I am located, as well as give you my co-ordinates (very approximate).

Again… I want GPS so I can map all my stumbling properly! I think I might be able to get access to completely GPS-synched maps, so I should be able to do some pretty funky things if I can just get the GPS unit and hook it up with Net Stumbler. Anyway – here’s the map and ‘ords.

Written by Beau Lebens

November 14th, 2003 at 4:00 pm

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