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Mobile Phone Location Triangulation

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I wanted to write up a detailed document on the process of triangulating the location of a mobile/cell phone user based on tower signals, but can’t really find too many concrete information sources, so here’s a short list of bits and pieces that I have come across to whet your appetite, and a basic outline of the process that I’ve pieced together using my own understanding of how things tie together.

Digital Spy Forums
Interesting thread about phone location determination, levels of data and its use in commercial services.
Mobile Phones, Locate Thyself!
Article in ‘Network Magazine’ talking about the wonderful commercial applications of geographically aware mobile phones… doesn’t appear to mention anything about the horrendous possibly privacy invasions etc 😛
Where RU
Where RU is a commercial phone locating service which is marketed at offering “peace of mind, knowing where your family and colleagues are at any time”.

My details/write-up coming soon.

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November 25th, 2003 at 4:00 pm

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