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GPS-Enabled War-strolling

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You heard right partner – the new version of WiFiFoFum is out (v0.3), and it now supports GPS! I whacked it onto my iPAQ and went outside with the GPS unit attached, played around with the settings and it was off and running!

Using the Leadtek CF card, I had to set WFFF to look on COM4 for the GPS, and then it picked it up. The GPS takes a while to warm up and get a fix once you put the sleeve on and stick it in, but once it does, it updates every couple seconds by the looks of things. I haven’t tried it moving any faster than walking pace, so don’t know if it adjusts automatically based on velocity or not.

I went for a walk around my block and picked up all the usual suspects that are always on (pookie.net, mustwebcast.com, home (network) and 2 x NETGEAR), but now should have coordinates against them as well. The other cool new change to WFFF is that the stronger signals now go to the middle of the radar, so you can see better when you are getting closer to them, although it’s still kinda hard to tell, because they jump around a bit. Depending on how good the Destinator maps/software are, I might have to get MS Streets and Trips, because it comes with Pocket Streets, which looks pretty cool. I mainly want to be able to plot known points on a map, and be able to output that map somehow preferably (on my PC), so I don’t know if the Pocket PC Destinator software includes anything for desktop or not – we’ll see, since apparently it’s going to be in-store ready for pickup within a couple days.

Written by Beau Lebens

May 4th, 2004 at 4:00 pm