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Motorola Bluetooth Headset Sucks As Well

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In my efforts to find a bluetooth headset (which I really wasn’t expecting to be such and arduous task), I also tried (I think it was this model) a Motorola HS850. I didn’t think I was asking that much of the headset – it just needed to be compatible with these uses:

  1. Pair with my Nokia 6230 (for normal handsfree cell-phone operation)
  2. Pair with my Logitech diNovo hub on my Windows XP desktop (for use with Skype)
  3. Pair with the built-in bluetooth on my 12″ iBook (again, mainly for Skype)
  4. Pair with my HP iPAQ H5550 (for listening to music, and potentially for Skype as well)

Turns out that this is a tough ask, and the HS850 failed on the last three of those requirements! It paired up with the 6230 without a problem, but all of the others proved to be too much for it. Admittedly I didn’t give it too much work, because I thought it felt like a flimsy little piece of junk, but still – it didn’t work straight away 🙂

I took it back to the T-Mobile store the next day and exchanged it for the Jabra FreeSpeak 250

Written by Beau Lebens

July 20th, 2004 at 4:00 pm