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Logitech Bluetooth Headset

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Logitech Bluetooth Mobile Headset @ Amazon.com

I had to do it.

I’ve just ordered a Logitech Bluetooth Headset from Amazon.com, which I should be able to use with:

  1. My PC (diNovo Bluetooth hub) – Should be great with Skype!
  2. My Mobile/Cell Phone – For normal calls, and for listening to the radio/mp3s (radio doesn’t work without a headset for some reason)
  3. My iPAQ H5550 – For listening to mp3s mainly, since it doesn’t operate as a phone, although I suppose I could use it for PocketSkype as well

I looked at a Jabra EasySpeak (250), but decided on the Logitech headset (despite it’s size), based largely on all the comments and user reviews around the place saying that the audio quality on the Jabra isn’t that great, and that it is excellent on the Logitech one. I’m not really expecting to use it much for my mobile phone anyway, so being invisible isn’t of great concern to me at this point 🙂

Written by Beau Lebens

July 24th, 2004 at 4:00 pm

Motorola Bluetooth Headset Sucks As Well

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In my efforts to find a bluetooth headset (which I really wasn’t expecting to be such and arduous task), I also tried (I think it was this model) a Motorola HS850. I didn’t think I was asking that much of the headset – it just needed to be compatible with these uses:

  1. Pair with my Nokia 6230 (for normal handsfree cell-phone operation)
  2. Pair with my Logitech diNovo hub on my Windows XP desktop (for use with Skype)
  3. Pair with the built-in bluetooth on my 12″ iBook (again, mainly for Skype)
  4. Pair with my HP iPAQ H5550 (for listening to music, and potentially for Skype as well)

Turns out that this is a tough ask, and the HS850 failed on the last three of those requirements! It paired up with the 6230 without a problem, but all of the others proved to be too much for it. Admittedly I didn’t give it too much work, because I thought it felt like a flimsy little piece of junk, but still – it didn’t work straight away 🙂

I took it back to the T-Mobile store the next day and exchanged it for the Jabra FreeSpeak 250

Written by Beau Lebens

July 20th, 2004 at 4:00 pm

Wireless Developer Network

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The WirelessDevNet is a pretty cool website, and has channels on a bunch of interesting topics, in particular Bluetooth and Location Based Services.

They offer an RSS Feed, but it appears to be for the entire site, and isn’t available per channel. Pity, but still good.

Obviously, it is targetted more towards developers, so if you’re into that sort of thing, then this site might be for you. It contains a lot of articles written locally, as well as pulling in and referencing articles and tutorials from other locations, so it’s a decent ‘landing pad’ for wireless development.

Written by Beau Lebens

July 12th, 2004 at 4:00 pm

Nokia 6230 Bluetooth Mobile/Cell Phone

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Nokia 6230 - specs @ nokia.com.auAs I mentioned in a previous post, I got a new phone before I left Australia, the Nokia 6230. I got it because it had Bluetooth, took video and photos, and was tri-band (so it would work in Australia and the US). Unfortunately, because I am on a pre-paid T-Mobile, I don’t have access to data or multimedia messaging, so it limits the cool things that I can do with my phone, but it still rocks, and is way ahead of most of the handsets available here, which was a bit of a surprise.

Some of the cool things that I like being able to do with my phone;

  1. Take a photo and then Bluetooth it to my iPAQ for editing, saving etc
  2. Dial a number on my phone, directly from my iPAQ
  3. Synch the Contacts (phone numbers etc) from Outlook on my PC, across to my phone – I always have every number I know about on hand now
  4. Use the loudspeaker/speakerphone – it’s surprisingly useful
  5. Take photos to use for my wallpaper!
  6. Play mp3s – can’t help it on that one, had to add it 🙂

So basically, I think it was a great purchase. Being stuck on T-Mobile (because they are the only ones I can find here that will allow me to bring my own handset, and use their SIM), and paying a fair bit for my calls sucks, but it’s bearable to keep using the phone, ’cause it’s so much better than the other stuff around here (and I paid for it outright man, I’m not going to retire it already!).

If you’re looking for a nice-sized, sturdy, full-featured phone for use in Asia, Australia or America, then the Nokia 6230 is your man 🙂

Written by Beau Lebens

July 4th, 2004 at 4:00 pm

Bluejacking iPAQ-Style

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Oh it’s sweet – Contacts -> Send via Bluetooth -> scan for devices.

Haven’t had that much luck so far, only had one successful send, and I didn’t get to see who received that one either. Oh well, it’s all fun and games.

(Did I mention that I’m posting this on my iPAQ, using vi, from an SSH terminal, through PocketPuTTY, sitting in my bed, wirelessly connecting to my local network and thus to my server? Didn’t think so.)

Written by Beau Lebens

April 21st, 2004 at 4:00 pm

ROM Update… Problems

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I figured it’d be a good idea to update the firmware and ROM on my iPAQ, so I checked out the HP downloads site, and sure enough, there were updates available. I downloaded the following updates;

  • HP iPAQ Pocket PC h5500 Series Firmware Update
  • HP iPAQ Pocket PC h5500 Series ROM Update

intending to update the BIOS and all on-board stuff to get me up to date. I didn’t bother with the Bluetooth manager update, or the WLAN update, because it appears that those things are included in the BIOS updates. So anyway, I install both the firmware and the ROM updates, which results in clearing everything off my iPAQ and having to reinstall everything from scratch.

No problem I figured, I’ve done this on my Palm before, and everything (applications etc) just got transferred back the next time I synched… apparently not.

So I synch again, and it wants me to create a new profile on my desktop, because I haven’t named my device back to the same name as I had it before (“jane”, named after the computer-based lifeform in Ender’s Game!). That’s no good – I want it to synch back the same stuff, same data, same details etc. After playing around a little, I decide that I’ll go whole hog, so I close down ActiveSynch, get into the registry and start hacking around to move all the new settings which I’ve just created as ‘jane2’ and change them over to point to the other directories etc (‘jane’). Then I change my device’s name back to jane again, and see what happens.

At this point, everything appears to be fine – it actually works, and it’s synched all the old data back, and looks like it’s accepted me as an imposter jane… sort of, or something. Wonder if this is an exploitable way of stealing someone’s data? All I really did was created a new profile, then hacked the registry and pointed it to all the same directories as the old profile…

On top of that problem though, now I have a bigger one – WiFiFoFum doesn’t appear to work!

I don’t know if it’s anything to do with the hackery that’s gone on, I can’t see why it would be, because that was more to do with synching and my desktop machine, I didn’t do anything dodgy on my handheld. I can only assume that this means that there’s some sort of problem with the new ROMs and the way that WFFF is coded. According to the program, when it tries to start up, there’s this problem;



Hopefully the guy who writes WFFF can figure out what’s going on there and can fix it, because in the meantime I have no warstrolling toys again :(. Once I get my GPS unit, then I’ll really wanna be able to get out there again, so until then it’s not too bad, but then there’s no GPS support in WFFF yet either, so that’s not really an issue is it?…

Written by Beau Lebens

April 4th, 2004 at 4:00 pm

Bluetooth Logitech diNovo Coming Soon

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Logitech's diNovo Bluetooth Keyboard (+ MediPad) [Picture stolen from OverClockers Review!]
Looks like next week some time, I should have one of these bad-boys to go along with a new PC. This keyboard is a pretty cool-looking thing, and it’s bluetooth to boot 🙂 It comes with a mouse (also bluetooth), to provide a complete wireless desktop.

The best review I have found of it is this one at OverClockers.com.au. Sounds pretty impressive, even if it does mean that I’ll probably have to use Windows Media Player to control all my audio files etc – oh well.

One of the coolest things that I’m looking forward to using is the MediaPad, which acts like a remote for your computer, allowing you to control media playback, get email alerts and even MSN Messenger notifications. That should be interesting to try out.

I wonder how ‘stumble-able’ the signals between the keyboard, MediaPad, mouse and base-station are?… security problem?

Written by Beau Lebens

February 11th, 2004 at 4:00 pm

BluejackQ (with a Q)

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This site about bluejacking is kinda cool – has some details about what bluejacking is, how to do it, and some devices that are good for it. It’s not that complex, but it looks like fun. That’s part of the reason I am going to make sure that my new phone will have Bluetooth.

Written by Beau Lebens

December 1st, 2003 at 4:00 pm

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Article About Bluetooth Security

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This is a pretty interesting (and rather serious) article about some vulnerabilities in bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. It talks about SNARF and BACKDOOR vulnerabilities and roughly how to exploit them. Also provides some links to related tools and what-not.

Read the article on bluetooth vulnerabilities…

Written by Beau Lebens

November 18th, 2003 at 4:00 pm

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